lundi 16 mai 2016

Egocentrisme et climatoscepticisme

C'est fou comme certaines personnes pensent sincèrement être le centre du monde.

Ou plutôt, pensent être situés au centre du monde.

Pour avril 2016 les températures globales enregistrent un nouveau record et on peut facilement visualiser sur la carte ci-dessous où se situent les zones plus chaudes ou plus froides (il y en a) que la normale :

On voit parfaitement que les zones "chaudes" se situent principalement
  • sur l'Alaska et une bonne partie de l'ouest canadien (là où un gigantesque incendie a provoqué l'évacuation totale de la ville de Fort McMurray)
  • sur la côte ouest du Groenland
  • sur toute la Sibérie en particulier et le nord de l'Eurasie en général
  • en Afrique saharienne et au proche orient
  • sur une grande partie de l'Australie
  • au Brésil
Les zones "froides" sont beaucoup plus réduites en se concentrent essentiellement
  • dans le nord-est américain
  • au sud-est du Groenland
  • en Antarctique est
  • dans le Pacifique nord
Globalement il faudrait être daltonien pour ne pas constater une nette majorité de zones "chaudes" ; par "chaudes" on entend bien sûr "plus chaudes que la normale", car il est évident que les températures au pôle nord sont "froides", elles sont seulement "moins froides que la normale" ce qui se traduit souvent par "plus chaudes que la normale" et peut parfois prêter à confusion.

Mais ne sont confus que ceux qui pensent que le monde se réduit à leur immédiat entourage, de beaux exemples en sont donnés dans les commentaire de cet article du Guardian reportant les températures d'avril qui battent un nouveau record :
  • DubMaxim  - As a professional gardener can I just say it's a nonsense,we know exactly what the weather is and how it compares by the rate of seed germination, and over half of my seeds for the year are just germinating now I know that it hasn't been warmer, I don't need a graph or a flashy video to tell me what the climate is, I just watch nature.
    The daffs were late here but the tulips are bang on cue , as are the sweet williams, toms, peppers, chillies, squash ,cucumbers etc, they are exactly where I'd expect them to be for this time of year.
    Sorry to upset the doom mongerers but it looks like we are going to have a completely normal,bog standard British year of weather with the odd tail wind throwing the weather for a few days but apart from that, nothing to write home about.
  • Ireland and Britain had one of the coolest Aprils on record. It seems as if there is a machine programmed to give out these lies every month and those publishing it know the media will not question it. If every month is the hottest on record, then every month would be warmer than its counterpart one year earlier. That would mean that if the amount were .1 degree C, over 5 years the rise would be .5 C. or 1 degree C in 10 years or 5 degrees C over 50 years. So where is the heat? The quicker Trump get in and sets up a truth commission to examine these lies the better.
  • Its not down here in the SW of France one of the wettest and cool springs on record.
  • natalieben10 - It snowed and hailed in April!
    No way was that the hottest April ever. My kids wore winter uniform the whole month.
    May has started well - but as soon as the sun goes behind a cloud, it's freezing again. There's no residual heat, that's the issue.
    Oh well, fingers crossed for a gorgeous, long, hot , summer...but not holding out much hope. Our summer bbq party last year in July was a cold washout. We had to accommodate 50 people inside and microwave the jacket potatoes! An unmitigated disaster.
    Quite frankly I've had enough of waiting for Global Warming, it's been promised since the 80's and 30yrs later the weather here is still shit
  • DubMaxim - Is this a joke, we had snow here and right across parts of Northern Europe.
  • ottest April ever? No.
    In the South of Spain, April has seen 8 full days of rain and temperatures below 18 degrees, which is lower than average.
  • JerryKryz - I had to scrape the ice off my windscreen at 6 a.m. yesterday. In the middle of May. In Devon!
  • josephinireland - We are seeing very erratic patterns too. I was just reading that it was the coldest April in Ireland for over 10 years.
  •  - Yet the UK recorded the lowest April temperatures for 30 years.....
  •  - So what about the low temperatures now? Will they get a mention, or just the usual dogmatic stuff again next time it gets a bit warm?
  • It was winter for half of April in Paris. Must have been sweltering in Bognor Regis.
  • April was cool in Britain and May much the same so far, except for a brief warm spell around the 8th. And even in a place as far away as Dallas, April and May have been about average to date. But the figures are from NASA, so they may best be considered as propaganda.
  • It's not that warm where we are. I think it's been the coldest spring for years, and the central heating's still coming on most days
  • You are going to have to get better at explaining things if you want to get through to those in the UK who have seen the coldest April in 30 years.
Heureusement certains commentateurs ont un peu plus de bon sens que ceux que je viens de citer :
  • tricktard - Getting tired of seeing all these comments from Britain and other European countries about their "not that warm" April. This article is about freaking "global temperature". Read the article first.
Effectivement le titre de l'article est April breaks global temperature record, marking seven months of new highs et la première phrase est :
  • April 2016 was the hottest April on record globally – and the seventh month in a row to have broken global temperature records.
Apparemment beaucoup de lecteurs du Guardian ont des difficultés de lecture et comme ils ne savent pas la signification du mot "global" ils l'ignorent tout simplement et la phrase pour eux devient :
  • April 2016 was the coldest April on record in my garden !



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